Rotoweld – automated pipe spool welding


The Rotoweld 3.0 is a fully automated pipe spool welding machine developed specifically for industrial pipe prefabrication, small pressure vessel manufacturing or other similar 1G welding. Its unique sensor and robotic technology control adapt the welding process constantly. Therefore the Rotoweld ensures high-quality, full-penetration 1G girth welds five times faster than SMAW or GTAW.

The advantages of Rotoweld automated pipe spool welding

Automatic welding means constant quality. Always. Off days simply do not exist. The Rotoweld automated MIG pipe spool welding machine guarantees perfect results in less time. At a lower price.

  • Constant high quality welds
  • 400% productivity increase
  • 90% Arc-On-Time
  • 5x faster than manual SMAW or GTAW

Watch the video to see how the Rotoweld functions.

Automated adjustment welding parameters

The Rotoweld operates like the welder's eyes and hands. An integrated video camera in the welding arm continuously analyzes the image of the root weld pool. Unique algorithms use this information to adjust welding parameters. Travel speed, wire feed rate, arc voltage and weaving width are checked constantly. Therefore changes in for example gap, alignment or root face are noticed immediately. The machines then adapts the process fully automatic to assure a perfect penetration. The result: perfect welds in less time.

video automated pipe spool welding machine : ROTOWELD

Maximize throughput

The Rotoweld 3.0 twin configurations include two separate work bays and rotators. This maximizes throughput by allowing one work bay to be re-loaded while welding in the other one. The motorized welding carriage travels between work bays along a continuous track system. This also guides the idler rolls to maintain perfect alignment along the full length of the machine.
Even stainless steel or duplex could be welded if the required wire and parameters are preset in the machine.

Automated pipe spool welding: easy does it

The core of the Rotoweld technology is its operator friendly control system. You no longer need highly classified welders. Minimal welding experience is necessary to operate this machine. It enables any operator to perform high-quality girth welds after just a few hours of training.
The set-up of the Rotoweld is easy, so it can be installed and function in no-time.

Rotoweld pipe spool welding machine: made by Tecnar

The pipe spool welding machines are made by Tecnar. This Canadian company was founded in 1989. Today, Tecnar sensors operate in more than thirty countries and are distributed in four continents. Tecnar takes pride in offering the best manufacturing/engineering warranty in the business so you can rely on Tecnar process control technologies for years to come.

Copier Bevel Machines is an agent for Tecnar therefore we set up our own dedicated

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