Pipe welding machine

The pipe welding machine that we offer is called the Rotoweld. This welding machine is capable of welding pipe to pipe and pipe to elbow. The machine uses GMAW, FCAW and SAW welding processes and is capable of welding pipe diameters of 3 up to 42 inches. The pipe itself is rotating and the welding station with its welding torch is standing still during the welding process.

Pipe welding machine analyses process

The operator can look into the weld by X-ray and monitor and control the complete welding operation from an operator screen on the welding station. The Rotoweld machine is an extremely fast welding machine that delivers high quality welds. The machines ‘human eye’ looks into the weld pool and analyses the welding conditions multiple times per second.

Adapting to the situation

The machine adapts to the situation. It is capable of amending the welding speeds, the wire speed, the voltage and the rotating speed. The Rotoweld is a pipe welding machine with all latest technology. A state of the art machine that suits perfect in factories where pipe fabrication is done. Good looking, easy to handle, solid, decent and reliable. Always.

Are you interested? Ask for a demonstration of the Rotoweld machine in Copiers factory in The Netherlands.

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Rotoweld: pipe welding machine
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