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The word pipe fabrication is actually all work related to metal pipes to form them in a structure, this mostly requires pipe cutting, pipe sawing, pipe machining, pipe chamfering and pipe welding. Copier Bevelmachines could help you out with all these topics with the machines they manufacture in their factory in the Netherlands.

The pipe welding machinery we offer are also related to pipe fabrication but even more to pipe spool fabrication.
pipe spool fabrication is fabricating pipe to pipe connections or even pipe to fitting connections. the pipe spool welding machine that Copier Bevelmachines offers is manufactured in Canada and we are the agent for European countries.
Pipe spool fabrication is widely used in the offshore fabrication, oil and gas piping systems, skid fabrication, metal pipe shops, but also in shipyards and in the setup of new chemical or petrochemical plants.

The Rotoweld is the machine that we offer for pipe spool welding, this machine welds girth welds with a GMAW welding process for the Root, hott pass and the cap. watch the video here of this machine.
This Rotoweld welds the complete welding process in one set up, it analyses the open root up to 15 times per seconds and in the black box it changes the parameters like wire speed, travelling speed and amperage and ossiciliation width based on the need for that situation.
when it sees with the camera that a tack welding is approaching it goes more slow and the torch goes up a little bit and puts more amperage in the welding to remeld the tack weld, to in the end have a better result in the welding process.

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A pipe spool could be a straight pipe with a flange, pipe bend, elbow or T-piece.
as long as the straight pipe with this fitting could rotate in the chuck of the Rotoweld and if it is within the range of OD 3" up to 42" you could weld it with the GMAW welding process on the Rotoweld.
The operator could see into the welding process with the camera and the x-ray vision.
The Rotoweld is best for Carbonsteel and Stainless steel 304 and 316 from wall thickness 4 mm up to 17 mm thickness.

Pipe spools are widely used world wide mostly in oil and gas related industries.
in offshore market stainless steel and tougher material apply.
If you are currently looking for a automated pipe spool welding machine for your pipe jobs please e-mail use with the details of your pipe work and we will inform you if you could use the Rotoweld for this kind of work

e-mail us on sales@copierbv.com or call us on +31-183441313

We can provide you a demo free of charge in our factory in the Netherlands, the parts need to be chamfered and and tack welded in special way but we could send you the specification by email. it is really important to follow these specifications carefelly.
For the pipe fitters it is easy to apply these special requirements.

you would need up to 4 pipe fitters to keep up with the output of the Rotoweld twin bay solution.
we say that a 16 inch carbonsteel pipe with standard wall thickness could be welded (root, hot pass and cap) in only 16 minutes!!
this is extremely fast and if the weld edge preparation is done carefully than the end result of the laboratorium is also good.

Rotoweld - pipe spool welding video

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With pipe shops or metal shops the industry means factories where pipes are fabricated into structures, all these metal shops include pipe cutting or sawing, chamfering and pipe welding. our stationary pipe chamfering machines might be usefull if you have such a pipe shop or metal shop where on daily basis many pipes are chamfered, visit our website www.bevelmachines.com for more information.

We even offer a machine for CNC pipe cutting and bevelling in one, this is an productionline for length measuring, cutting and bevelling metal pipes. This machine exists of an infeed conveyor the cutting and bevelling machine and an outfeed conveyor.

Contact us for more information on these machines : sales@copierbv.comafter your pipes are cutted and bevelling you need to start welding pipe segment to eachother and maybe even a fitting to a straight pipe, and this is where our automated pipe spool welding machine comes in. This automated pipe spool welding machine "Rotoweld" is capable of welding with a MIG process the root, hot pass and cap when welding pipe to pipe or pipe to fitting connections.
The machine has a range of OD 4" to 42" and is best for carbonsteel and 304 and 316 from 4 mm up to 17mm. additionally SMAW could be added to weld thicker wall thicknesses.

contact us for more information about this pipe spool welding machine on sales@copierbv.com

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Copier manufactures automated pipe spool welding machines. The available models can handle a large range of pipe diameters: from 3 up to 42 inches.
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