Pipe spool fabrication
pipe spool welding machine automatic GMAW pipe welding

Pipe spool fabrication

The Rotoweld is a machine for automatically welding pipe to pipe or pipe to elbow. To do so, different welding processes can be used. GMAW is used as a standard for welding the root, the hot pass and cap. All in one operation. If wanted the system can be expanded with SAW and FCAW welding techniques.

Pipe spool fabrication

Our automated pipe spool welding machine is used in the pipe spool fabrication industry all over the world. The Rotoweld welds pipe diameters of 3 up to 42 inches. Do you need to weld pipe to elbow? Then the total diameter should be able to rotate within the range of 42 inches, because the welding torch stands in a certain position. The workpiece that needs to be welded is rotating.

The advantages of automated welding

Using the Rotoweld, the complete welding process is automatic. Fast and accurate. The results: Constant high quality welds. A 400% productivity increase. 90% Arc-On-Time. Five times faster than manual SMAW or GTAW.

Automated adjustment welding parameters

The Rotoweld operates like a welder. A video camera constantly analyzes the image of the root weld pool. This information is used to adjust welding parameters. Wire feed rate, travel speed, weaving width and arc voltage are checked constantly. This way changes in e.g. gap, alignment or root face are immediately noticed . The machines adapts the process fully automatic to assure a perfect penetration. With perfect welds as a result.

Maximum throughput

The Rotoweld 3.0 twin configurations include two separate work bays and rotators. This allows you to reload one work bay while welding in the other one. With maximum throughput as a result. The motorized welding carriage travels between work bays along a continuous track system and guides the idler rolls to maintain perfect alignment along the full length of the machine.
Even stainless steel or duplex could be welded.

Automatic welding: easy does it

The core of this pipe spool fabrication technology is an operator friendly control system. Highly classified welders are no longer necessary. Minimal welding experience is needed to operate this machine. Any operator can perform high-quality girth welds after just a few hours of training.

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Copier manufactures automated pipe spool welding machines. The available models can handle a large range of pipe diameters: from 3 up to 42 inches.
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