Pipe fabrication

Are you in need of machinery for pipe fabrication? Either for your factory or pipe fabrication shop? Stop searching. At Copier you can purchase anything you need. We offer machinery for pipe cutting, pipe beveling, pipe welding, pipe bending and pipe roll grooving.

welding pipe with Rotoweld

pipe spool rotoweld pipe-girth-welding

Pipe fabrication solutions

Copier provides solutions for your pipe fabrication challenges. We manufacture machinery for the complete diameters range of 0.5 up to 30 inches and even bigger if required.

Pipe spool

Pipe spools are different sections of metal pipe that have been put together by welding or flanges. They could contain fittings, bends and straight pipe all together. The stationary pipe bevelling machines of Copier contribute to the manufacturing of pipe spools in the welding edge preparation and the actual welding of segments together.

TheRotoweld machine that we manufacture in our factory in the The Netherlands provides you an accurate welding edge preparation, that is for example required for automatic welding in the high demanding oil and gas industry with it’s ASME bevel codes.

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Our business


Copier manufactures stationary pipe beveling machines. The different models bevel pipes up to 56 inches. We also offer stationary machines that cut and bevel within one operation.
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Copier manufactures tube bending machines for both portable and stationary use. The various models bent pipes up to 3 inches.

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Copier manufactures pipe roll grooving machines, developed for grooving sprinkler and irrigation pipes. The different types groove pipes up to 24 inches.
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Copier manufactures automated pipe spool welding machines. The available models can handle a large range of pipe diameters: from 3 up to 42 inches.
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