GMAW automated pipe spool welding solution: "Rotoweld"

The Rotoweld is a fully automated pipe welding work cell developed specifically for industrial pipe prefabrication, small pressure vessels manufacturing or other similar 1G welding.

It integrates machine vision, adaptive control and robotics technology in a complete dedicated solution that is fast and offers full penetration 1G high quality welding. This system is up to 5 times faster than SMAW and uses GMAW for the root, the hot pass and the cap. The work cell will process spools from 4” to 42”. The Rotoweld welding torch is standing still and the pipe spool rotates on the idler rollers. It can weld pipe to pipe and pipe to fitting connections and welds carbon steel pipes with standard wall in one dia-inch per minute!! Not only is it fast also it is easy to operate and erases human errors in the welding process by its adaptive control. This results that even not experienced welders can perform quality welds after training by us.

“Welding one dia-inch per minute with the Rotoweld”

The Rotoweld can completely weld for example 12” carbon steel pipe with standard wall in only 12 minutes. The Rotoweld 3.0 welds the root with GMAW and the fill and the cap with GMAW, FCAW or SAW.

Optional you can choose to work with a single bay or twin bay, obviously the twin bay system has major advantages and it also is the most sold one. The twin bay is the most efficient and most obvious one to purchase because of the efficient way of work on two bays at the same time and the higher output this leads too.

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pipe spool welding machine

GMAW pipe spool welding machine

Adaptive control during welding

The vision based welding technology enables the operator to control the complete process.The system continuously analyses the image of the root weld pool picked up by a video camera.

incorporated in the welding arm. Unique algorithms use this information to adjust welding parameters such as travel speed, wire feed rate, arc voltage and weaving width, constantly adapting the process to varying conditions such as changes in gap, alignment, root face, or temperature.

full-penetration root pass in an open bevel joint represents the epitome of pipe welding skill, and this applies in the fabrication of pipe spools; that is, a subassembly of pipes and fittings welded in pipe shops and then sent into the field. If the welder deposits metal too far above the weld pool, it sinks and cools prematurely, so fusion is incomplete. But if the welder keeps the arc in front of the weld pool, and at just the right height, hot metal flows toward the root and, voila! he gets a full-penetration root pass that should pass muster. The Rotoweld has the knowledge of highly experienced welder and will therefore for come lack of fusion by it’s adaptive control. The operator should only monitor the welding process and might now and then correct the welding process when the system provides a signal.

On the Schweissen und Schneiden exhibition in september (Düsseldorf) we exhibit with the Rotoweld, you are welcome to get familiar with the machine on our stand 10B04

In 2014 the company released the third iteration of the technology, Rotoweld 3.0, which uses a

custom robot to perform 1G girth welds. The robot arm performs the root, fill, and cap passes with one

welding gun, though the system still can be configured with multiple processes. For instance, a thick walled pipe might call for gas metal arc welding (GMAW) for the root pass and submerged arc welding (SAW) for the fill and cap passes.

adaptive control Rotoweld

the main advantages of the Rotoweld

  • High quality welding: the machine offers flawless root welding automatically.
  • Root, fill and cap can be done with GMAW in one set up.
  • High productivity : The GMAW is much faster than TIG welding processes
  • The machine has a large range of pipe diameters : from OD 4” to 42”
  • For root welding the LINCOLN STT welding source is available

Copier Bevelmachines (C.B.M) sells the Rotoweld in Europe and the Middle east and imports the Rotoweld straight from the manufacturer in Canada. Copier Bevelmachines is a machine manufacturer and focusses on stationary equipment for the pipe fabrication industry. Copier Bevelmachines manufacturers and sells worldwide pipe bevelling machines, pipe cutting and bevelling machines, pipe end working machines, cnc pipe machining centres and pipe roll grooving machines.

The Rotoweld is a machine that belongs to our portfolio of machinery and really has major competitive advantages compared to other automated welding station. The main advantage is that it adaptive control is incorporated in the machine, the positive aspect of this feature is that the welding parameters are adapted on the situation the camera encounters during the welding process and in the weld pool.

Meet Copier Bevelmachines in September 2017 on the Schweissen und Schneiden exhibition (stand number 10B04 ) and on the EMO exhibition (on stand 17B84)

On the Schweissen and Schneiden we exhibit with a Rotoweld machine and we could provide you more information, contact us for more information or to plan a meeting on this exhibition.


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