Mig welding machine
Rotoweld; mig welding machine pipe-fabrication

ROTOWELD; Mig pipe welding machine

The Rotoweld is already being sold in the market for more than 25 years, the main advantage of the ROTOWELD is that the machine has the technical expertise of very experienced and qualified pipe welder but then put in to a machine. Another advantage of main advantage of the Rotoweld is it is the easiest machine in the market and the fastest one to weld pipes with. And last but not least the quality of the weld is perfect with the right settings. The machine can weld with GMAW the root, the hot pass and the cap of the welding operation. No Tig welding is required any more.

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The Rotoweld can weld one diameter inch per minute with carbonsteel pipe and standard wall thickness, this is very fast.

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Rotoweld- pipe welding - technical specification

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