GMAW Welding

The MIG welding process is a fast and colder process than TIG. especially because it is faster it is interesting for many companies.
The other advantage is that it is colder thant the TIG process which causes that it does not change the steel conditions that much of the pipe.
The Rotoweld is a MIG welding system, it welds pipe to pipe and pipe to fitting connections with GMAW.
Iit has adaptive control and analyses multiple times per second the open root and adapts its parameters accordingly.

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These days all around the world it is difficult to find experienced high quality pipe spool welders, that is why some companies are forced to go in pipe spool welding automation. The GMAW process is the better and fast step after GTAW welding.

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The Rotoweld is a GMAW welding machine, the current Rotoweld that is on the market is the 3rd generation machine.
This MIG pipe spool welding machine is capable of welding with an open root pipe and fitting diameters to eachother with a diameter of O.D 4" to 42" . the machine is best on carbonsteel in wall thicknesses varying from 4 mm to 17 mm.

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Mig welding machine

The Rotoweld is a MIG pipe welding machine it has a extremely high output, with the twinbay system of the Rotoweld you can go up to 350 dia-inches per working day. but than you would need up to 4 or even 5 pipe fitters that are continuous supplying the Rotoweld with tacked spools to put in the chucks otherwise the machine is at a stand still. you need also one operator and one guy that handles the overhead crane.

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pipe spool welding video: ROTOWELD

with the Rotoweld every operator could weld pipe spools as long as he understand the programmes and when the tack welding is done in the right way.

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Copier manufactures automated pipe spool welding machines. The available models can handle a large range of pipe diameters: from 3 up to 42 inches.
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